EMC Cable Gland


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The EMC Cable Gland has the remarkable feature of shielding and waterproofing by utilizing a conductive internal spring that directly contacts the cable’s shield, compressing the cable seal, respectively. These main features provide electromagnetic (EMC) protection throughout the cable and the equipment in which the cable is terminated. 

The internal spring of the EMC cable gland is made of stainless steel which offers reliable spring force and, thus, guarantees connectivity. Aside from these main features, it offers easy installation with different entry lengths for a less bulky design. Perfect for harsh and humid environments to provide waterproofing, moisture-proofing, and salt mist, vapor, and spray resistance.

Key Features

► Meet IEC 60423, EN 62444

► Quick mounting and optimum shield connection to guarantee the electrical cable working in standard condition

► Prefer resistant features against moisture, liquid, corrosion, and dust

► Dependable connecting and offers excellent sealing function

► EMC for touch cable braid

► Can be used for a variety of wire ranges

► Unique spring design provides 360° contact at the cable shield

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EMC Cable Gland Metal - M20

EMC Cable Gland Metal - M25


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